"Have You Hugged Your Baker Today?"

Broad Street Fiction Challenge

There can be little doubt that restaurants and cafes have played a far greater role than the backdrop for social and political change.  In LA they don’t “have” lunch, they “do” lunch before making the movies that move us.  In the age of the ad men, the Martini lunch fueled the business relationships and campaigns that changed our relationship with brands, consumption, and even CEOs.  The Beats languished and anguished over dark cups of black coffee before driving a revolution in art and political awareness in our youth.  And now restaurants are even teaching us to eat better by engaging us think and eat locally.

But then there are the everyday changes that happen right here in Banner Hall, the birthdays celebrated with a Blueberry Muffin, the anniversaries served up with a Turtle Cheesecake for two, and the break-ups over a Blackened Chicken BLT.  Oh, yes even the dreams of a park in Fondren that came to fruition with a Chopped Salad and a handshake.

There are powerful stories unfolding everyday right here at Broad Street Baking Co.  If you have a story to tell, there is still time left in the Selected Shorts short fiction contest.  This year the theme is restaurants and bars, so we hope to hear a story from one of you.

Good Luck!