"Have You Hugged Your Baker Today?"

Comeback Sauce, Thousand Island and Remoulade

Okay I’m a Yankee ~ there I said it. Splitting my youth between Louisiana and my young adult life in California, I know how to say yes ma’am and welcome a new neighbor with a batch of lemon squares, but let’s just say my accent lacks that certain timbre and my lemon squares are made with meyer lemons and coconut. So when one of my catering clients asked me to make her black eyed pea fritters with comeback sauce, I had to blush and plead ignorant ~ they don’t teach comeback sauce at a culinary school in San Francisco.

I look back on that moment now and see that my future had been foreshadowed. I was destined for Jackson, which now I know to be the home of comeback sauce. But as I walk Banner Hall and one of you tugs my sleeve to ask for Comeback or Thousand Island, I sometimes forget and say we don’t have any. Later, I kick myself because, of course, we have their cousin sauce, Remoulade, which dresses our Chopped Salad.

Please forgive me and be patient. I plan to stick around for a while and make lots of comeback sauce.