"Have You Hugged Your Baker Today?"

Rice krispie to red carpet

The marshmallow just got a status upgrade.  I just went into the kitchen to check out the new Valentine’s Day cookie production and have a little fireside chat (no s’mores reference intended) with Pastry Chef Jennifer Adelsheimer.   To my utter disbelief, she was making fondant out of marshmallows.  FONDANT!  That’s right, the humble marshmallow just showed up the impossible to master, elusive Holy Grail of wedding cakes FONDANT.  And it’s putty in the hands of Chef Adelsheimer.

She won’t tell us all her secrets, but she’ll show enough of her cards to say, “Use the mini mallows for easier melting,”

Sorry folk, that’s all I could get for now, but you can marvel at these little holiday miracles until February 14th.