"Have You Hugged Your Baker Today?"


Friday, July 3rd:

Friday July 3rd: 

A Message From Jeff Good: 

We are sure you’ve heard the news that the City of Jackson has a face mask mandate, for all public spaces in the City of Jackson.

You’re probably wondering how does this affect you, when dining with us…

It is very simple, when walking in please have a mask on, once you are seated at your table, you can remove your mask. If for any reason you have to leave your table, please use your face mask. Wear it in, wear it out. It’s easy and effective for all.

We know that you place your trust in us to ALWAYS Do the Right Thing… and serving you in today’s climate is the epitome of the time for us to shine. That is why we created the “I BRING and I TAKE” shirts for all our service staff at each restaurant. The staff members who wait on you and give you things (the BRING shirts) , they will never touch something a guest has touched or used. They will only bring you new items (food, drink, silverware, etc).

The staff in the TAKE shirts are the ones who remove all your used items be it something as small as a plastic straw wrapper all the way to your final dessert plate and coffee cup. They will NEVER hand you anything … they are only taking things away. By separating our service style, we are eliminating the potential for any cross-contamination.

This, coupled with our rigorous safety and sanitation protocols (far too many to list here!) work in tandem to ensure BRAVO!, Broad Street and Sal & Mookie’s are safe, wholesome places where you can enjoy time out with your loved ones.

And speaking of that, please don’t ask us to seat you more than 6 to a table… we will not. Our state guidelines clearly set the maximum at one table at 6 individuals… and six feet between tables. We will gladly seat you at side by side tables, but we will maintain your separation).

We understand that all of this can be a bit overwhelming, but everything we do is to help protect you, and of course, our staff.

If you have questions, please reach out and ask. Nothing has changed in our core mission— we are here to serve you. We sincerely thank you for your help, as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Forward, together.

Jeff Good

Monday, May 18th:

We’re Staging a Come Back!

We are happy to announce that we are preparing to safely re-open our dine-in service according to best social distancing practices May 27th. We are very excited to get back to serving you all of your favorites in the homey atmosphere your love! Thank you for the continued support as we take a little extra time to get ready- you deserve the best in safety and service!

As we prepare to safely re-open, we will continue to be open from 10:30 AM to 3 PM Monday-Friday offering a limited To-Go Menu along with our *NEW* oven-ready 4 for $40 Family Packs! These packs come fully cooked and chilled so you can warm them up to eat when YOU’RE ready!

Not to leave you craving more, we will also be offering muffins, cookies, bars and brownies, and CHEESE GRITS, along with gallons of Sweet Tea and Joe-To-Go coffee.

 >>Order online, then pick up curbside for a completely contactless experience!<< Online Ordering opens at 10 AM for pickup starting at 10:30.

If you prefer, we will also be taking phone orders at 601.362.2900 starting at 8 AM for pickup starting at 10:30.