"Have You Hugged Your Baker Today?"

Mr. Howell and His Biscuit

While the legislature is in session and bills are busy becoming laws, Broad Street is often called upon to bring brain food to keep the Senate and House focused on making a better Mississippi.  That means we might cater breakfasts and lunches for anywhere between 100-300 politicians and their staff.  This session, Broad Street was called upon to make 300 biscuit sandwiches for the Capitol.  When I opened the backdoor at 5:45am, the usually still and dark kitchen was already humming with an army of cooks wrapping and boxing stacks of steaming buttermilk biscuits.  I was just in time to see the last batch head to the van but too late to capture a picture of the sheer volume that we can deliver before we even open the front doors to our customers.  But then, I realized that maybe the volume isn’t the whole story.

Perhaps the story is about Mr. Joel Howell.  Our friend and regular customer for 8 years, nearly every day of the week Mr. Howell comes to Broad Street to order a biscuit sandwich.  He trusts us to help him start his day, and we are honored.  Whether we make one or one hundred biscuits, we take care to remember the individuals we allow us to serve them.

Thank you Mr. Howell!