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Why do we make our chili white?

We hear the mantra, eat more lean meat and fish, but sometimes it’s hard to make the leap from mind to mouth.  Take chili for example, friend to hot dog eaters, Frito dippers, and football fans everywhere, will chili by any other name or color smell as sweet? By making our chili with turkey we are cutting […]

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Lattes, an “Old School” energy drink

In today’s fast paced world of business meetings and rush hour mentality, most people look for some way to give them a little extra boost to make it until five o’clock. Everything these days seems to offer more energy, from your average energy drink to caffeinated gum to even “energy soap” (yup, it’s caffeinated body […]

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Rice krispie to red carpet

The marshmallow just got a status upgrade.  I just went into the kitchen to check out the new Valentine’s Day cookie production and have a little fireside chat (no s’mores reference intended) with Pastry Chef Jennifer Adelsheimer.   To my utter disbelief, she was making fondant out of marshmallows.  FONDANT!  That’s right, the humble marshmallow just showed up […]

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