"Have You Hugged Your Baker Today?"
Have you hugged your baker today?

What is “artisan” bread?

Artisan bread is produced in the centuries-old French manner known as Boulangerie Artisanale—a stylized form of handmade bread production using all-natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. (Very “cutting edge” for a vintage style!) Our forefather, Sol Blumenthal made bread by hand fifty years ago in Trenton, New Jersey, and today we carry on this tradition in Jackson, Mississippi.

Our breads are made from stoneground flours using filtered water and complemented by the best ingredients. Many Broad Street breads take up to twenty hours to make, a process unheard of in today’s mass production society.

Some breads are leavened naturally, without the use of commercial yeast, by the use of levain, where each day’s batch produces a starter for tomorrow’s bake. Such breads are wonderfully crusty and chewy.

Other breads are yeasted and are likewise unique with tremendous crusts and uneven textures with many “eyes”—open spaces where the yeast has created internal air pockets: the sign of a truly authentic product. At Broad Street, we use traditional European recipes as well as a number of creations resurrected from the original Blumenthal bakery for our delicious pastries and desserts. We have a family legacy to uphold after all!

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Bread Care

For best results, eat immediately! Serve bread warm for fullest flavor. To store fresh bread, leave it at room temperature in a paper bag, or if the bread is already cut, leave the cut side down on a bread board or shelf. The crust will stay firm and the inside soft. After two days you may want to wrap it in plastic to maintain its freshness.

To refresh the loaf, sprinkle or mist lightly with water and place it in a preheated oven at 400* for 6-8 minutes or until crusty. You may wish to slice and toast the bread for delicious results.

FREEZING: Broad Street breads freeze very well wrapped in plastic, then in foil. Defrost at room temperature inside the plastic, then refresh as described above before eating.